June 2019 General Membership Meeting – OWANA OWL

The June 2019 General Membership Meeting will be held Tuesday, June 4, 2019, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Mathews School Cafeteria (906 West Lynn at West 9th).


I. Call to Order (7:00)

II. Approval of Minutes – VOTE

III. Treasurer’s Report – Renae

IV. New Business
A. Volma Overton Shores – VOTE
B. Nominating Committee – A recommendation that Amy       Bodle be approved to fill the Steering Committee vacancy. – Mike Sullivan – VOTE

V. Committee Reports
A.  Affordable Housing – Marissa

          B.  Events – Amy
          C.  Membership – Sinikka
          D.  Parks – Ellu
          E.  Technology – Derek
          F.   Transportation and Public Safety – Mike
          G.  Zoning (Neighborhood Planning) – Erin

VI. Other Business and Announcements

VII. Adjourn

OWANA Owl June 2019